Drug dealer arrested by the police
2015-07-31 01:39:50

We don't accept drugs at the Woodstock Festival. Our motto 'Stop to drugs' is put into practice!

Ricoh is coloring the Woodstock Festival
2015-07-30 23:55:43

Is it possible to make the Woodstock Festival even more colorful?

It's the 21st Woodstock Festival!
2015-07-30 23:08:57

21st Woodstock Festival Poland has set off!

Irreplaceable Urszula on AFA stage
2015-07-30 20:49:34

She's one of those women we can call a gangbuster. Learn about her life.

Running to the Woodstock Festival
2015-07-30 16:34:27

Some Woodstockers come to the Festival by train, others arrive by car. There are also Woodstock participants who run to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!

AFA workshops started
2015-07-30 13:49:00

There is a little something for everyone. Check out AFA workshops.

Anti-racist Woodstock Festival
2015-07-29 23:06:28

'Never Again' association is at the Woodstock Festival. Join us and say 'no' to racism.

Shopping madness in SiemaShop
2015-07-29 20:39:52

Our SiemaShop is open! We're waiting for you.

Love free from addictions
2015-07-29 19:46:58

Check out what free tests are available at the 21st Woodstock Festival.

Get 10 PLN for good fun
2015-07-29 13:10:35

Download PeoPay app and get 10 PLN. Check out how to do it.

Meet us on the Internet
2015-07-28 22:18:18

There are a few websites where you can contact us and keep updated with what is going on in the Festival area.

Peace Patrol ready to help you!
2015-07-28 20:18:37

Peace Patrol briefing is behind us. We're ready for the Woodstock Festival. You can feel safe!

Should I take or should I leave. 3 days left
2015-07-28 13:52:56

Latest news from the Woodstock field. Check out what you should take with you to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.

Finder is with us!
2015-07-27 23:04:28

It'll be the 6th time when Woodstock Festival Poland organizer will use Finder to support safety and medical services.

Play volleyball at the Woodstock Festival
2015-07-27 18:19:53

Lubuskie Zone guarantees sport emotions at the 21st Woodstock Festival. Its staff will organize a beach volleyball tournament just like it was at previous Festival.

La Strada at the 21st Woodstock Festival
2015-07-27 16:08:01

One of organization that will place its stand at the Academy of the Finest Arts is La Strada Foundation against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery.

The only Festival in the world with its very own debit card
2015-07-27 13:52:11

As it was in previous years, Bank Pekao S.A. has prepared Woodstock pre-paid card especially for Woodstock lovers. You can order it on Pekao24 or buy it in Woodstock shopping passage.

Meet the artists - Main Stage
2015-07-20 22:39:18

Every year, Woodstock Festival Poland features a few dozen great bands both from Poland and from all over the world.

Meet the artist - Second Stage
2015-07-20 22:03:50

Meet the artists from Second Stage: The Chikitas, Domowe Melodie, Big Day, O. Torvald, Lipali, Mrozu, Curly Heads, Finnegan’s Hell, Paceshifters, Canailles, Kuba Płucisz & guests, Frontside, Mela Koteluk,  Jazzombie, Jamaram, Venflon, Roan, Scarecrow, Grubson, Oberschlesien, Eminence. 

Meet the artist - Krishna Tent Stage
2015-07-20 21:10:13

Every year, Woodstock Festival Poland features a few dozen great bands both from Poland and from all over the world. The guests are invited to perform on one of our 4 stages: the Main Stage or the Second Stage, AFA's Stage and Krishna Tent Stage. Meet the artist - Krishna Tent Stage. 

Camping area and cars
2015-07-20 19:05:26

The whole festival is one big free camp site. It will be possible to access (wiht car) the free camping area in front of the Main Stage until Sunday, 26.07.

Children at Woodstock Festival Poland
2015-07-20 18:59:45

Children ale welcome at Woodstock Festival Poland, just remember about the few important things. 

Shopping at Woodstock Festival
2015-07-17 20:24:08

Just like every year, some space next to the main alley will become the legendary shopping passage. During the festival, it will be filled with stalls selling, colorful T-shirts, Indian clothes, jewelry and army surplus uniforms.

Finnegan's Hell will play at 21st Woodstock Festival Poland
2015-07-16 14:00:15

The New Wave Of Swedish Celtic Punk at 21st Woodstock Festival Poland!

Dream Theater will play at 21st Woodstock Festival Poland
2015-07-09 19:30:19

We're happy to announce that Dream Theater will play at Main Stage. 

The Chikitas will play at Woodstock Festival Poland
2015-05-08 15:14:50

The Chikitas will play at Woodstock Festival Poland!

Evol Walks joins 21st Woodstock Festival lineup
2015-05-08 15:06:22

Evol Walks are a hard, hitting five -piece Australian rock and roll band who have been making a lot of noise since exploding onto the scene in early 2014.

Paceshifters will play at Woodstock Festival Poland
2015-05-08 14:59:52

Dutch Noise Rock trio that doesn’t care about lists, bankaccounts or what is hip. Paceshifters charges the current music landscape with an unbridled ambition and energy.

Jurek Owsiak - was awarded the title of The Best Festival Promoter 2015
2015-04-30 16:18:07

Jurek Owsiak, the conductor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and the creator of Woodstock Festival Poland was awarded the title of The Best Festival Promoter 2015! 

Curly Heads to play Woodstock Festival Poland Second Stage
2015-04-01 13:33:51

The Second Stage at this year’s Woodstock Festival Poland will host Curly Heads, the first band of Dawid Podsiadło.

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