CPR for Schools

2.5 Million Children Know CPR!


Our CPR program: 'We save and we teach to save' is aimed at elementary school teachers from all over Poland, as well as at teachers working in Polish schools all over the world. We would like to show children how easy it can be to save someone's life! We fight the stigma and anxiety that might be connected  with taking action and saving a life. 

The language of instruction in the courses is Polish.


So far, we have trained:

27 701 teachers from 12 216 schools.

Over 2.5 million of children have been included in the program.



The CPR Educational program was launched in 2006. Our courses are aimed at teachers who work with youngest children, that is the teachers of the integrated teaching classes in Polish elementary schools. The program can be carried out thanks to a group of Peace Patrol volunteers who have completed the instructor’s training, acquiring the official AHA qualifications. The volunteers are led by a group of instructors responsible for coordinating the courses all the year through.


Between April and June 2006, a pilot project of the program was run in Podlaskie and Dolnośląskie provinces. As the project turned out to be a spectacular success, since September 2006 the courses have been organized all over Poland on a regular basis.

The teachers receive the training which they can pass on to the pupils. Primary school children can learn all the important steps of first aid as well as how to behave in a dangerous situation, such as whom to call for help and what information to provide them with. 







2017-04-28 15:24:44

Young hero from Sulęcin

Joasia is just 8 years old. She was home alone when the fire broke out. She dialled 112 and thanks to her quick thinking no-one was hurt.

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