Helping Individuals

Responding to Requests of Individual Help

! Important ! We were able to grant individual aid to so many applicants this year that we are not going to be able to consider any more requests for help. We would have to send back any individual requests for help. 

The main objective of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation is to support public hospitals in the country. We choose to purchase the equipment for public wards, thus ensuring that the patients are being treated according to the newest methods and the recovery rates are considerably higher. However, the Board of the GOCC foundation has noticed the need for equipment used in rehabilitation of children in their homes and decided to launch a programme of responding to individual requests. We are unable to fund operations or treatment of adults or children, we can just provide little patients with the equipment necessary for at-home rehabilitation process. 



2017-03-15 09:59:49

Record breaking online donations!

The Great Orchestra enjoys great success on the Internet! More than 20 million PLN donated online in 2017 set new record for online charity donations in Poland.

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