Diabetes - Pregnancy

Insulin Pumps

The programme has ben launched in 2004. It aims to help ensure that women with diabetes can have a safe, healthy pregnancy, and give birth to healthy children despite their illness. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has purchased the equipment which is leased to women with diabetes, who are planning pregnancy. 

Insulin pump treatment eliminates the need for numerous injections, which are necessary to balance blood sugar levels throughout the day. An insulin pump delivers insulin steadily, keeping the blood sugar levels under constant management. The equipment is available through clinics and the personnel has been trained to monitor the treatment of pregnant women suffering with diabetes. 

Since 2004 the pumps have been used by over 2 500 women, putting Poland in the lead when it comes to treatment pregnant women with diabetes using personal insulin pumps.


2017-05-10 16:12:16

New medical programme launched!

The GOCC Foundation has officially launched a new medical programme which aims to treat bone defects and provide the equipment necessary for bone extension treatment.

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