Dignity in Hospitals

When one considers the needs of the geriatrics in Poland it becomes obvious that we do not have enough geriatric and long-term care units in the country. As soon as the Foundation began to focus its attention on medical care offered to the oldest patients, we have notices that it is a seriously underfunded branch of medicine. We noticed that all equipment in these wards seems to be secondhand, with hospitals being forced to re-use discarded furniture, such as beds and bedside cabinets in these wards. We feel that patients in geriatric units deserve to receive medical care in dignified environment. It is essential to remember that patients in geriatric and long-term-care units are deserving of our respect and that their needs cannot be disregarded. That's the reason why the Foundation decided to include geriatrics as one of the themes of the annual Grand Finale fundraiser.

We have collected funds for the geriatrics four times so far - in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, effectively donating 8 792 devices worth 70 million PLN to 242 medical facilities in Poland. Hopefully, our activities will also serve to raise awareness about how important is dignity in medical care of elderly patients and make public regard the elderly with more respect and attention. 



Geriatric Wards



2017-06-21 16:39:56

Purchasing equipment for geriatrics

We are buying equipment for geriatrics at a unique - for Polish medicine - process of an Open Tender. This time we aimed to purchase equipment for geriatric and long-term care units and wards.

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