Our history

It's been 25 years...

March 1993 - our Foundation is officially registered in court. The charity has been instituted at the time of the first Grand Finale, but all formalities have been handled by the Children's Memorial Health Institute. In the very beginning, there were just a few people working in our charity. 

Spring 1994 - we managed to purchase 160 Japanese incubators, which became the cornerstone of Polish neonatological care. It was our second Grand Finale and our first purchase on such a major scale for us. We took the risk by purchasing something completely new - but it was well worth it! 

Spring 1995 - first MRI scanner, bought by our Foundation, begins its work. It's an unprecedented purchase and a vital part of the equipment. We bought another one in 2016. 

15-16 July 1995 - first Woodstock Festival Poland in Czymanowo 

summer 1997 - we sent help to the flood-stricken areas of Poland - 157 aid convoys sent to the south of Poland

summer 1999 - we sent a medical convoy to refugees in Albania. Even though officials wanted to stop us, we managed to reach the refugee camp

2001 - we launched Nationwide Programme for Newborn Hearing Screening. It developed into the best hearing screening programme in the world. We have tested 5 million children, and aim to make sure that each child born in a Polish public hospital has their hearing tested

2001 - we launched our Nationwide Programme for Prevention and Treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity. Frist clinic is opened in Warsaw. Soon after 16 clinics across the country followed. Now doctors can win the fight for better sight of prematurely born babies. 

2001 - we launched our Nationwide Programme for Personal Insulin Treatment of Children with Diabetes, which has been later taken over by the Ministry of Health. 



2017-06-21 16:39:56

Purchasing equipment for geriatrics

We are buying equipment for geriatrics at a unique - for Polish medicine - process of an Open Tender. This time we aimed to purchase equipment for geriatric and long-term care units and wards.

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