Golden Hearts

Most precious of all

At the first Grand Finale we have received some very special donations - engagement rings and wedding bands, golden jewellery, and other items made from precious metal. A jeweller from Warsaw, Jerzy Kozak, had a great idea - let's create beautiful golden hearts, which are similar to our red heart stickers! We took all golden items to the National Mint in order to melt them and create some of the most precious items on planet Earth - golden hearts weighing 4.5 grams. Each Golden Heart bears a number - and these precious lots are auctioned off during the live auction on the day of the Grand Finale. Some Golden Hearts are also given to Collection Centres, which hold their own auctions. We are very grateful to all generous offers and the excitement the bidding always brings into our day! 


Złote Serduszko 24. Finału WOŚP, fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


2017-02-15 16:12:34

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