Warm Meals for Volunteers

Taking Care of Volunteers

We receive amazing support from the volunteers,  and in the same time our community rallies around them to give something back!  


Bochnia -  Ciachomania Cafe - free coffee and a free snack for all fundrasing with us

Gdańsk - restauracja Bifor - free tea for all volunteers

Kraków - Absynt - free tea for all volunteers

Poznań - Żabka Café oraz Fresh Café - coupons for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate for 1 grosz from Żabka Cafe and Fresh Cafe

Rzeszów - Życie jest piękne - free tea and homemade cake

Rzeszów - Res-Gifts -free tea and chocolate for volunteers

Zduńska Wola - Harem Turkish Restaurant - free kebab and tea for volunteers

Warszawa - Niewidzialna Wystawa - free tea and a discount coupon for the exhibition

Warszawa - Restauracja Klub Prawnika - free hot meal, coffee or tea, and something sweet for volunteers between the hours 9 am till 23.00

Warszawa - Pub Bernard - free tea and hot chocolate for volunteers 

Wejcherowo - Campanula - tea, coffee, or hot soup



If your restaurant would like to offer free meals or hot drinks to volunteers - make sure to fill in the form!



2017-06-21 16:39:56

Purchasing equipment for geriatrics

We are buying equipment for geriatrics at a unique - for Polish medicine - process of an Open Tender. This time we aimed to purchase equipment for geriatric and long-term care units and wards.

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