Warm Meals for Volunteers

Taking Care of Volunteers

We receive amazing support from the volunteers,  and in the same time our community rallies around them to give something back!  


Bochnia -  Ciachomania Cafe - free coffee and a free snack for all fundrasing with us

Gdańsk - restauracja Bifor - free tea for all volunteers

Kraków - Absynt - free tea for all volunteers

Poznań - Żabka Café oraz Fresh Café - coupons for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate for 1 grosz from Żabka Cafe and Fresh Cafe

Rzeszów - Życie jest piękne - free tea and homemade cake

Rzeszów - Res-Gifts -free tea and chocolate for volunteers

Zduńska Wola - Harem Turkish Restaurant - free kebab and tea for volunteers

Warszawa - Niewidzialna Wystawa - free tea and a discount coupon for the exhibition

Warszawa - Restauracja Klub Prawnika - free hot meal, coffee or tea, and something sweet for volunteers between the hours 9 am till 23.00

Warszawa - Pub Bernard - free tea and hot chocolate for volunteers 

Wejcherowo - Campanula - tea, coffee, or hot soup



If your restaurant would like to offer free meals or hot drinks to volunteers - make sure to fill in the form!



2017-03-15 09:59:49

Record breaking online donations!

The Great Orchestra enjoys great success on the Internet! More than 20 million PLN donated online in 2017 set new record for online charity donations in Poland.

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