Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Eager to volunteer? Great! But first, read the Volunteer's Code of Practice!


Volunteers brave the cold!


How do I become a volunteer during the Grand Finale? 

If you'd like to raise money at the Grand Finale Fundraiser you should reach out to your local Collection Centre. The team there would provide you with an ID badge, your own Collection Box and a supply of little red stickers. 


Where can I find a complete directory of Collection Centres? 

Right here


How will I know that I've become a volunteer? 

If you are not sure that you've been registered as a volunteer, you should get in touch with the Collection Centre directly. 


What sort of picture do you need to make my ID badge?

Picture can't be smaller than 800 x 600 pixels and we need to have it in .jpg. format. Make sure to choose a photo where your face is in the forefront and it is easy to recognise you - just like on any ID photograph. 


How old do I have to be to become a volunteer? 

All ages are welcome! If you are underage, we would ask your guardian or a parent to sign Volunteer's Declaration. 


I am underage - can I fundraise for the GOCC? 

Of course! We would like to ask an adult to accompany you on the day of the fundraiser. 


Where do volunteers collect money? 

Volunteers collect funds in the area of their Collection Centre - in the streets, squares, and other public spaces in towns and villages across the country. We ask you not to go door-to-door fundraising! You can also be a part of a "Closed Event" and raise money during a concert or a different performance. 


Will I receive any sort of an acknowledgement for the work I did for the foundation? 

Each Collection Centre receives a set of acknowledgements, which also serve as a document stating how much each volunteer managed to collect. The Chief of a Collection Centre is obliged to pass them on to each volunteer. We are unable to issue additional acknowledgement documents to the volunteers, who have helped during the Grand Finale. 


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Purchasing equipment for geriatrics

We are buying equipment for geriatrics at a unique - for Polish medicine - process of an Open Tender. This time we aimed to purchase equipment for geriatric and long-term care units and wards.

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