2017-01-11 19:44:47

Zielona Góra is Playing with the GOCC

Next Sunday, at 11 am sharp, we are going to be playing in sync with the entire country - the Collection Centre in Zielona Góra is going to be fundraising in aid of paediatrics and geriatrics. Read more for detailed timetable.
2017-01-10 17:02:50

Witnica Joins in the Fun

The Collection Centre in Witnica is going to be joining forces with DKMS Foundation to hold the Grand Finale fundraiser together.
2016-12-20 16:07:41

Gorzów Wielkopolski - Woollen Heart

Listen up, people participating in the 25th Grand Finale! The Collection Centre from Gorzów Wielkopolski is setting a new challenge.
2016-12-05 17:19:10

Łagów To Hold Grand Finale For The 6th Time!

Łagów is gearing up to hold the Grand Finale fundraiser for the sixth time! The crew at the Collection Centre is coming up with different forms of activities and entertainment to go with the fundraiser.

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