Grand Finale

The Golden 'Auction' is finished

2017-01-16 14:23:36

The bidding war took place between three winners of the preliminary auction. Both, in case of the Golden Hearts - which are one of the most precious items in the country - and the Golden Cards taking part in the bidding war became a synonym of genrosity and selflessness. 

The Golden Hearts are made out of some of the most precious items therea are - pieces of golden jewellery such as wedding bands and engagement rings are often donated along spare change and money. The gold is then used to make uniquely numbered Golden Hearts. 

This year, quite aptly, the Golden Heart N1 has been purchase by the sum of 333 333 PLN by Roman Roszkiewicz, and the Golden Heart N2 reached the price of 262 000 zł, while The Golden Heart N3 was bought for 10 777 PLN. 

 The bidding war for the Golden Cards is still ahead of us. Stay tuned! 


Złote Serduszko


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