Lena's Extraordinary Tale

2017-01-13 12:38:12

Lena is a competitive spirit, and she is eager to try any sport and she usually excells at anything she takes up. She is a talented skier, winning medals and trophies at the disctrict winter competitions, and she loves nothing better than being outdoors. Lena is a volcano of energy, and someone her little sister Matylda looks up to. Lena is a happy, cheerful - if a bit shy - young girl. 

Nothing suggests that the girl, who is proving to be a great athlete and a talented student, had to struggle against overwhelming odds. Lena fought - and won - a battle against a dreadful enemy. 




At first the doctors were clueless and searched for the reason why the toddler was in pain. Lenka's parents were insistent morphology exam. The little girl was in dreadful pain and the diagnosis came as a horrid realization: she had leukemia. The girl was and is a fighter, and thanks to the determination of doctors, nurses, her parents' support and the girl's will to live five years later Lena is healthy. 

Her treatment and diagnosis were possible thanks to the equipment purchased by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in a bid to ensure that we have an arsenal of devices to fight cancer in children. So far, we have purchased equipment for over 88 million PLN. 



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