Igor's Incredible Story

2017-01-09 12:18:10

These tales have a lot in common. Pregnancy, premature birth. The fear of parents and that massive overwhelming hope that everything is going to turn out OK. Restless work of doctors and nurses, multiple tests and thosands of minutes of anxiety and stress for everyone involved in the fight of life and health of the youngest patients. Igor's story had a dramatic beginning - doctors feared that due to retinopathy of prematurity he would not be able to see the world at all. Parents and doctors united their efforts to - quite literally - open Igor's eyes to the world around him. Specialists from the Children's Health Institute in Warsaw were able to operate in order to improve Igor's eyesight. 

Igor is 14 years old now, and he is growing up to be quite an athlete! Despite his visual impairment (he has no peripheral vision), Igor is an avid table tennis player, training two times a week. Igor's attitude and tenacity sure play a substantial part in his sporting success. 





You played a very important part in Igor's story, because our hero is one of thousands of children whose eyesight has been treated thanks to your support. Diagnosis and treatment of Igor's eyesight was made possible thanks to the Nationwide Programme for Prevention and Treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity, which is one of the five nationwide initiatives fully financed and run by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. 



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