Grand Finale

GOCC supporting Polish Oncology

2017-01-15 16:24:19

Lenka visited us in Grand Finale studio to share her succes story. Diagnosed with cancer at jus 4 years but now strong and healthy Lenka is fundraising for other sick children. What a star!

Historia wyleczonej z choroby onkologicznej Lenki to jeden z dowodów na to, że warto grać w naszej Orkiestrze (fot. Grzegorz Adamek)

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation have been supporting oncology wards across the country 4 times so far. 

88 milions raised bought state of the art MRIs and allowed us to open genetic diagnostic and cancer treatment laboratory "Onkolab" in Lodz in September last year. 

Timely diagnosis and targeted treatment increase chances of kids like Lenka for a happy and healthy life!

Thank you for making it happen!




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