Grand Match 2017!

2017-06-08 12:24:14

The charitable game between the teams representing the Foundation and TVN channel will take place in Warsaw on September the 3rd. The proceeds from the sale of tickets and text messages sent during the game will go towards the purchase of a state-of-the-art emergency vehicle for the Children's Memorial Hospital in Warsaw. 

The team representing the Foundation, consisting of both professional and amateur football players, TV personalities, celebrities, actors, musicians, and representatives of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation will be coached by Włodzimierz Lubański and the team from Diamonds Academy. Our team will be facing off the squad representing TVN station. 

Hopefully, the football game will bring about a lot of positive sporting excitement and will enable us to purchase the emergency vehicle worth over 500. 000 PLN


Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka w Warszawie, fot. Fundacja WOŚP

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