Grand Finale

Medical equipment for Polish hospitals

2017-01-15 18:19:11

Newborn's hearing screening initiative is GOCC'ts flagship project. So far 13 thousand infants got a quick diagnosis treatment and appropriate, life changing equipment. Prof Witold Szyfter, programme coordinator  talked about the importance of the screening and the difference it makes in the lives of babies and their families. 

Zbadaliśmy słuch już 5 milionom noworodków (fot. Damian Mękal) 

Some rather impressive stats to illustrate the scale and reach of the programme: 28 millions PLN spent on programme to date, 1600 units of specialist equipment purchased and distributed, 8 thousand staff members participating daily in the screening. 

This year big thank you goes to Sinutronic Sp. z o.o. who donated amazing piece of equipment for  Otorhinolaryngology Ward of  Śląski Hospital in  Cieszyn. The speculum allows for non invasive and speedy screening in both children and adults. 

It's also our fourth year of fundraising to provide dignified medical care for patients in geriatric wards. Polish geriatrics is still in pinfully poor shape, but GOCC already invested 71 millions in it's overhaul. Starting with purchase of more than 10 thousand pieces of specialist equipment and raised awareness of th senior citizens needs. 

The 25th Grand Finale continues fundraising for Polish geriatrics and  Hospitec Polska Sp. z o.o. donated equipement worth moe than 60 thousand PLN to ZOL in Przemyśl. Big thank you!

W naszym studio medycznym goście, którzy korzystali ze sprzętów ufundowanych przez Orkiestrę (fot. Damian Mękal)

We probably don't have to remind you about all we've been doing for diabetics - we have now reached 3 thousand mark when it comes to  insulin pump's for pregnant women. Which translates into saved lives and health of the little ones even befor they are born. 

Profesorowie polskiej medycyny potwierdzają, że nasze działania przynoszą realną zmianę w życiu pacjentów różnych oddziałów (fot. Damian Mękal)

For our youngest patients  INTERNATIONAL-SERVICE SP. z o.o. and  SINATUR Sp. z o.o. donated most extraordinary examining table which is going to the Pediatric ward in Sucha Beskidzka. You might not believe me but it looks like a fire engine - talking about creative stress reduction in action!

Thank you for making it all happen! 

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