Grand Finale

Record-breaking online donations

2017-01-17 17:01:57

It was a day to remember! We are deligted by the fact that we can count on support both offline and online. Online community rallied around our cause and we have numbers to prove their involvement! The online payment service operator shares the most important numbers concering online donations made in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser. 

  • 14 073 886, 83 PLN  raised via apps, websites, and online auctions powered by PayU. This amount is bound to raise, because the auctions wrap in the middle of February, but we can already say that we have raised 5 million PLN more than in the previous year. 
  • Online payments constitute 22% of all funds raised at the annual charity drive. 
  • In 15 years of our cooperation with PauU we have raised over 54 million PLN in aid of Polish public medicine. 

PayU utilizes its security protocol to make sure that each donation made in the name of the Grand Finale fundraiser is secure, and the operator does not take comission from the transactions made in aid of the charitable initiative. 


Jurek tells about the idea behind the Virtual Heart



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