Grand Finale

Playing for the First Time in Redditch

2017-01-09 17:30:46

We have prepared two days of activities - first, we begin with a great night filled with rock&roll tunes at The Railway Inn Pub in Redditch. We are going to be showcasing local performers such as Solid State, Influens Band and Shakai Falls. 

On the day of the Grand Finale we will meet at 1PM and have lots of activities planned for the little ones: they will enjoy mini disco party with Peppa Pig as the guest of honour, for sure. Adults will be able to enjoy some music and some good food as well. 



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Financial Report for 23rd Grand Finale

The 23rd Grand Finale took place on 11th November 2015. We have raised 53 109 702, 83 PLN, and we are now presenting the full financial report of the purchases we have made.

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Deadline Is Looming

There are only five days left for you to establish a Collection Centre in your area! In 2017 we will be playing to raise funds for paediatrics and make sure that the patients in geriatric wards receive best possible care in dignified conditions.

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Play at the 25th Grand Finale!

The Bank of Bands is live and kicking for the 9th time now. It is a repository of bands, which support the ideals of the Grand Finale and agree to play at the events organised by the Collection Centres for free!

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Woodstock Poland At CJG Music Expo

Join us on Saturday, November the 26th at the CJG European Music Expo. Both Woodstock Festival Poland and our record label, Złoty Melon, teams will be setting up our stall at the event hosted by the Palace of Culture and Sciences. Come say hi to our promoter and meet the bands!

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