Grand Finale

Cars for Hospices

2017-01-15 19:46:23

The cars are improving lives in major ways. They allow hospice workers reach  patients in their own homes as well as transport them to physio and other treatments. 

Over last few years 70 cars were purchesed and the investment cost around 8 million PLN. First cars for hospice date back to 2002. And the newest ones were just donted to hospices across Poland including Szczecin, Elbląg, Opole and Łódź. 

fot. Robert Grablewski

Last years  1% tax relief financed purchase of external stabilizers for  Children's CMPK Clinic in Otwockas well as Children's UM Clinic in Poznan.

They will be put to good use - treating and correcting developmental and acquired limb problems! 


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