Grand Finale

Equipment for 218 Hospitals in Poland!

2016-11-30 15:38:08

We hold Open Tenders in order to buy the best equipment at the lowest possible prices. For example, we were able to purchase some pieces of equipment for the 45% less than the offered price! We are also able to test and try each device and learn about how the machines work and we always make sure tp learn what other benefits the vendor offers with the purchase - what are the terms of service and what sort of training for medical personnel they can provide, for example. We also makes sure that the vendor provides medical facilities with the supplies necessary to use the equipment. 


With the help of medical experts, who always carefully examine each and every device (even beds and bedside cabinets for geriatric wards are carefully chosen by our panel of specialists!) and our legal team is keeping a close eye on the bidding war, making sure that everything is done according to the word of law. 





This time our shopping spree amounted to 14.166.300, 40 PLN. This time we have focused on children's medicine and the devices will be delivered to paediatric wards across the country. 

We have bought: 

  • 31 ultrasonographs (KOSMED)
  • 200 electric hospital beds for young adults (REHA BED)
  • 681 hospital beds for young adults (METALOWIEC)
  • 752 hospital beds for young children (METALOWIEC)
  • 67 ECG monitors (SCHILLER)
  • BPM holter monitors (BTL)
  • 242 syringe drivers (MEDICART)
  • 87 volume pumps (MEDICART)
  • 120 blood vessel localizers (INVEST MED.)
  • 123 cardiac monitors (BIAMEDITEK)
  • 118 pulse oxymeters (MEDTRONIC) 



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