CPR for Schools

The best rescuers in all the land!

2017-06-08 12:53:20

We now know the winners of the sixth edition of CPR for Schools Competition! After an exciting and gruelling contest, which took the participants across some of the most famous landmarks in our capital, we can now reveal which team can proudly say that they are the best little rescuers in the country! 

The game was laid out like a treasure hunt, taking the teams to different places, such as the National Museum or the Palace of Culture and Science. In each location, the young contestants had to solve a puzzle or perform a task related to the knowledge they have gained at the CPR for Schools lessons they took part in back home. Each task has been evaluated by certified instructors, who checked for accuracy and speed. It was great seeing how well-trained and skilled the kids have become and how much enjoyment the game brought everyone! 

It took everyone 6 hours to complete the game, and after a quick snack, we were able to reveal the winners! 

  1. Szkoła Podstawowa Kołodziejewo 
  2. Szkoła Podstawowa Gierałtów  
  3. Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 Dęblin 
  4. Zespół Szkół Publicznych Lenartowice
  5. Szkoła Podstawowa Jasienica  
  6. Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 8, Trzebinia 
  7. Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2, Hajnówka 
  8. Szkoła Podstawowa Janikowo 
  9. Szkoła Podstawowa Wasilków
  10. Szkoła Podstawowa nr 15, Chorzów 



The competition is one of the elements of the CPR for Schools Programme run by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which aims to introduce first aid training to primary schools nationwide. As a result of this ongoing initiative, we can now estimate that over 2.6 million children have been trained in the basics of CPR and first aid. 



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