Grand Finale

Musicians for the GOCC

2017-01-19 13:47:00

Numerous musicians donated items for our auctions. It's humbling to see that they are often of great monetary and sentimental value. 

Today's sensational news was of Micka Jagger's guitar on GOCC auction.

But it's not the only music related thing you can bid for. We are auctioning, among others: four part light wall courtesy of Michał Szpak, our eurovision contestant, or  „Paparanoja” CD by Enej


Not quite for you? There is so much more: golden record "Etiuda Zimowa" belonging to LemON band, album signed by Oberschlesien and Grubson's Woodstock 2016 CD & DVD.

Still looking? How about  guitar signed by Carlosa Santana at Dolina Charlotty Festival in 2016 roku or electric violin UrbGan from Michał Urbaniak.

What is even more important is that bands playing at the different events accompanying the Grand Finale - both the concerts taking place on the Parade Square in Warsaw and in towns and cities across the country have agreed to play free of charge. The musicians accept our rule: 'I play at the Grand Finale & I don't take money'. I doubt anyone can imagine the  GOCC's Grand Finale without music! I know I can't, so from the depth of our hearts: thank you for playing with us and for us!



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