Grand Finale

Equipment For Paediatrics

2016-12-01 12:40:55

The next three days are going to be spend on careful deliberations and negotiations with the manufacturers and vendors of the top-class medical equipment. Our panel of medical experts - doctors and medical practitioners, among them are consultants advising the government, will be inspecting the equipment and quizzing vendors about servicing the devices. The experts are doctors working with equpment on day-to-day basis, nurses, who are in touch with the patients and are aware of their needs, and Our legal team will be making sure that all is done in accordance to the contract law of Poland. Thanks to the negotiations we are able to purchase equipment at a much lower price and ensure that the vendors offer extended service period and provide hospitals with the supply of exploitation materials necessary. 

We intend to purchase 2 514 pieces of equipment, but the actual number of devices we buy depends on the result of our negotiations. If we can buy more equipment - we will make sure to do so! 


Our panel of experts: 

  1. Professor Teresa Jackowska, MD, PhD
  2. Tomasz Jarmoliński, MD, PhD.
  3. Engineer Marcin Gostyński 
  4. Bożena Adamska, MSc
  5. Ewa Ławniczak, MSc
  6. Michał Brzewski, MD, PhD.
  7. Ewa Zbucka-Jachowska, MD, PhD.
  8. Małgorzata Serafin-Król, PhD
  9. Ewa Zbucka-Jachowska, MD, PhD
  10. Maria Miszczak-Knech, MD, PhD
  11. Professor Waldemar Bobkowski, MD, PhDi
  12. Professor Andrzej Piotrowski, MD, PhD
  13. Wojciech Walas, MD, PhD
  14. Andrzej Byszewski, PhD



Rozpoczęcie konkursu ofert - na sali zebrali się wszyscy oferenci urządzeń (fot. Milkee)

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