Grand Finale

Light up the sky!

2017-01-19 14:27:40

The focal point of each Grand Finale event - be it Warsaw, or Kędzierzyn Koźle is an impressive light display - sometimes it is a loud and vivid fireworks show, fireshow or a laser display. The so-called Light up the sky event traditionally takes place every year near the end of the fundraiser. But don't despair: it's still a couple of hours before we reach the finish line, as a matter of fact, the most intense part is just about to take place. Of course, we won't hesitate to inform you about it accordingly. Fresh info is added constantly on to our website and facebook profile.


Światełko do nieba


It wouldn't be fair if we failed to mention that the whole event in Warsaw takes place thanks to the generosity of the main sponsor MasterCard. On the occasion, we would like to thank all of our 120k Valorous Volunteers who still gather funds blatantly disregarding the merciless weather in some places of the globe as well as 1600 Collection Centres in various countries, employees of the Foundation and, last but not least, our colleagues - members of the Peace Patrol - who make this whole event happen.

If you'd like to admire the photo coverage of the fireworks, please visit our Facebook fanpage, for live video feed you may want to try Youtube.




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